Intimate + Snowy Winter Anniversary Shoot at Gold Creek Pond, WA

These two have a love both intimate and sweet and so hilarious and fun. We took Anje + Alex out to Gold Creek Pond in Washington right before it closed for the winter. We’ve never been there in the snow before, and it was SO beautiful – a winter wonderland dream!!

Anje and Alex have been married for a few years (we still love their gorgeous wedding photos by Benj Haisch), and we found it a huge blessing to capture this season of their lives. When we shot them we were just over 3 months into our own marriage (and still inseparable). and it was an incredible reminder to us that marriage only gets better and better as you know more of your spouse (and more of yourself!). Even through times that are hard, when circumstances make your heart ache and long for something new, that you always have your best friend to help remind you who you are.

Anje is an extremely talented wedding photographer herself – check out her work here!

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