We know, you’ve heard it before.

Share your personality; be authentic; share who you are.

We have seen this sentiment enough times to believe that strong brands are rooted in genuine storytelling. 

We get it. Stories sell.

But when it really comes down to it, like that shocking, in your face moment when you’re trying to write your OWN About Me Page and have 0 words… how the HECK do you do that?

So we wrote the exact guide we needed when we first began forming our brand.

It answers the question, ‘Exactly how do I share my personality? What if I’m not sure what parts of myself are worth reading? Where do I actually start, how much do I share, and why does it matter?

So here it is. The resource we wish we’d had access to forever ago, packed with tools and tips and real, real help.

ready to transform your brand?

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what's inside?


• Introduction to branding
• How to ‘find your voice’
• How to identify your strengths
• How to put personality in EVERYTHING
• Why it all matters
• 26 Question Prompts for Self-Identifying
• Practical Tools to create your Unique Selling Proportion
(brand language + slogan)
• 4 Filters to make sure everything is on brand before sharing
• 10 Tips for writing a killer About Me Page
• 15 Instagram Caption Starters that boast personality + heart

35 Page branding guide

• 7 videos 

• Over 60+ minutes of content

• Conversational + Personal

video workshop

• Printable

• 18 Page downloadable PDF

• More prompts + tips

Bonus: workbook

"Showing who you are (your personality) is a form of story telling. Clients are going to invest in you if they trust you." 

this is for you if...

You want to book more
clients and have more
joy in your business
than you ever thought

You want your dream
client to spot something
you shared from miles

You know you are unique, but don’t know how to share your PERSONALITY in a way that draws in clients.

You want to know practical TOOLS and QUESTIONS to easily create branding language.

You’re ready to DO THE WORK, answer hard questions, and invest your time into transforming your brand!

If you check at least 3 of these boxes, you definitely owe it to yourself to invest in this...

"Personality is relatable, and injecting heart into your brand is the ONE differentiating factor that is going to get you your dream clients."

what does it take?

Assuming you bring your full intention and determination to it, this guide is going to transform your brand.

When we first learned about branding specifically oriented around personality, for a while we were like,

Oh, this takes work?

YES, this takes work. 

A personalized brand is something that needs to be deliberately developed. Which is ironic, because you’d think talking about yourself would be easy.

We’re not going to lie to you - we’re selling you a days work here (or more, if you want that). 

But you’ll finally understand how what makes you unique can become the biggest selling point for your brand, because storytelling SELLS.

And here’s the best thing (and why we wrote this guide)... 

Storytelling is also LIFE GIVING - sharing your personality and putting your heart (what matters to you) into your brand is enjoyable, and therefore will give you an edge that will make your brand last.

ready to transform your brand?

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The guide is a 35 Page PDF file and can be downloaded straight to any computer or phone. It is sized to view on an iPhone but is print-resolution so can also be viewed on a computer and printed out.


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