I GOT MY GREENCARD + WE ARE IN AUSTRALIA! | athenaandcamron.com


After 32 MONTHS of waiting, I GOT MY GREEN CARD!

The road towards residency (+ citizenship) has taught us more about ourselves and God than we ever thought possible – there is so much to be learned in the waiting.


Jan 2017 – Applied for K1 Fiance Visa

April 2017 – K1 approved and put on waiting list for interview to be scheduled

July 2017 – K1 Interview at US Consolate in Sydney August 2017 – Married!

Jan 2018 – Applied for Adjustment of Status (+ work permit + advanced parole)

August 2018 – Receive Work Permit and Advanced Parole card

July 2019 – Interview was scheduled

August 21st 2019 – Greencard Interview

September 9th 2019 – Got my green card!

Thank you to my beautiful friend Kiara who married an American before I did and walked me through my journey step by step. Your advice the day before my interview meant more to me than anything else. Thank you.

Thank you to Jen who called me the morning of my interview and prayed over us. Your thoughtfulness and kindness never ceases to astound me.

Thank you to every single person who ever prayed for us in the last 32 months. This literally would not have happened without all the prayers – we are so grateful to God for this green card!

We are now in Australia and our hearts are full.

See photos here: