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Struggle to keep track of all your enquires?
Sick of always writing the same emails?
Afraid of double booking shoots?

Honeybook is everything we need to run our business effectively.





We love Honeybook so much we've devoted an entire page of our website to sharing about it in simply terms to get you as addicted as we are!

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8 apps that we use every day - increase your workflow

"There has never been an app more suited to helping photographers realize their potential, take control of their enquires, and give space for chasing their dreams."

Evernote is basically our brain. We put everything in there. We can search anytime for notes we wrote back in 2013, or last week. Sorted by notebooks, tags and shortcuts, it's the ultimate notebook for anyone, anywhere.

organizing ideas:



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• Templates
• Notes about weddings
• Blog Post ideas
• Couples to shoot one day
• Content ideas
• Youtube video schedule
• Instagram Captions
• Posing Ideas

Examples: what we keep in Evernote

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"evernote has had a profound impact on our professional and personal life. ideas have a safe space to go, and visions are made into reality."

Out of all of these 8 apps, Photo Mechanic has saved us the most time. Culling through over 5,000 images after a wedding can take hours, but PM processes raw files so quickly, with such simple sorting tools, that culling is EASY.




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• Fast processing of RAWs

• Easy sorting (by color, star or simply ticked or un-ticked)

• Simple resizing

• East sorting straight to folders or Lightroom


PHOTo mechanic is the only thing we'll ever use to sort and organize our photos. it is completely  revolutionary for workflow.

Watch us use photo mechanic:

So this is a given, but we had to put it in here as part of our process. We use Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 to edit our images.

PHOTO editing:



Watch our latest Lightroom Tutorial:

Watch our latest Photoshop Tutorial:

After we finish exporting from lightroom, we take every photo through Photoshop (yep, every one)

PHOTOSHOP PROCESS (case by case):

* Add Auto Contrast (so crisp, we’re drooling!)

* Add sharpening (sharpening in PS is superior than all other ways of sharpening!)

* Spot edit (we remove distracting objects with lasso and clone stamp tool)

This changed our life! We’ve used it for over four years and it has saved dozens of hard drives being filled up! It's a simple program that compresses your images without losing any quality. We couldn't do what we do without it.





Essentially, you drag your photos into the program and it compresses the images as much as possible without causing visible changes. It does this by analyzing the input image using a quality detector (it imitates the human visual system), so it knows what the human eye can see and what it can’t - it removes everything that doesn’t ever need to be there for the human eye (in digitally and in print!).

how does it work?


From 14MB down to 3MB 

from 3mb down to <1mb!

We have looked at every major client gallery online, and we can’t get past Pic-Time.




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* It is visually stunning - none other compares
* It is user friendly and everything makes sense
* It is easy to download images and privatize galleries
* It is more affordable than other similar client-galleries
* You can keep galleries for LIFE

top aspects:

"our clients love their galleries. we are always proud to hit send, and sometimes stare at them and drool..."

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Social media demands so much of us, and it's kinda exhausting even on a good day. We are constantly working towards a more healthy approach to social media, and one of those ways is through scheduling our posts.

PHOTO sharing:

sked (formerly schedugram)


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•Writing out captions for the week means you think them through and see them as a cohesive message, rather than posting one at a time

• Sked has everything Instagram does - stories, location, tagging etc.

• It posts without you checking, so its a completely hands off experience - which means you can get a real break from Instagram!


Not posting in live-time means you learn to be very present in the moment.

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