There was no question in our minds - we were going to write our own vows.

We are both obsessed with words, and our primary way of expressing love to each other while we were long distance was through letters, words, emails, texts. When we finally were face to face with each other we sat down and wrote out a Relationship Manifesto - truths we wanted to live by and see reflected in our dating relationship. It kind of makes us laugh, because of the sweetness of it all, but looking back we're thankful we had rock solid truths to live by even then.

We wrote our vows to capture our truest beliefs and the deepest truths we can live by. Our faith was absolutely foundational for our vows, and trusting not in our own commitment to each other but in God's commitment to us - that our love is and always will be an overflow of His love. What a relief to begin the first moment of our marriage knowing it wouldn't last in our own strength but in His, and one year on that couldn't be more true. Despite feelings or emotions, circumstances or difficulties, our love for each other is only ever increasing.

I hope these inspire you to write your own vows!

our vows

athenas's vows

My love,
My best friend,
My adventure partner
and my future.

Today, I give you my heart. Today there are finally no more goodbyes, a beautiful picture of our God who never leaves us.

For my entire life, I promise to love you, to cherish you, to choose you and no one else.

Thank you for daily choosing to love me with an overflow of your own relationship with God; for always reminding me that I am first His and then yours.

Your intimacy with Him is something I have only dreamed of finding in a man of God. 

646 days ago we sat in a cafe in Seattle and wrote down a relationship manifesto that would today become our vows. God knew then what our hearts would need not only for dating, but for marriage too. And so now, 100 weeks later, I promise the words that now I feel stunning surety of;

* I vow to love you without expectation by first and foremost finding my identity in Jesus.
* I vow to always remind you who you are; that you are Abba’s beloved child, freed from fear of failure into the wide open spaces of His relentless affection for you. 
* I promise to be your constant advocate for the calling God has on your life
* I vow to be your helper, submitting to your leadership as you point me to the heart of God. 
* I vow to hear you when you speak, and follow you as you follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.
* I promise to pray with you every day, because God has so much to speak to us and beautiful work to do through us.
* And I promise to always believe with you that God is good. To trust Him no matter the difficulty, pain or heartache; whether we are rich or poor, sick or healthy. To trust Him in the valley and on the mountain-tops. I promise to dance with you even in the rain.

Camron, I will never leave you. I will be faithful to you as long as I live, because Jesus has aways been and will always be faithful to His bride. 

I vow to fiercely love you, radically pursue you, and gracious know you with an intimacy like the Father has with us. 

I am fully yours, for the rest of my life. I love you with all my heart forever.

camron's vows

My love,

Today my heart is yours, and I in turn promise to cherish yours with an overflow of the Fathers love for me.

I vow to pray for you and with you so that we may come into a greater understanding of our Fathers hearts desire.

I promise to remind you of your identity in Jesus as a beloved daughter, forever free from shame and fear.

I promise to rest in the progression of grace with you and to walk in redemption.

I vow to reminisce in His goodness with you, no matter the difficulty, pain or heartache - in the valley and on the mountain tops. To dance in the rain.

I vow to live slowly with you; Ruah. Inhaling the liberating freedoms of Abba and His presence and exhaling fear and shame.

I promise to love you out of an overflow of the boundless love of our Father, and to always extend forgiveness.

I vow to pursue creativity with you as an act of worship that draws us closer to the heart of the Father.

I vow to gaze into the Father’s eyes with you; to see ourselves and each other as He sees us, in the reflection of His eyes.

I vow to fiercely love you, radically pursue you, passionately gaze upon the imperishable beauty I have glimpsed in you, and graciously know you with an intimacy like the Father has with us.

Thank you to Benj Haisch for making our wildest dreams come true and capturing the true story of our wedding day.

our wedding photos