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I purchased your presets, now how do I access everything?

After you complete the checkout process, you will immediately be taken to a Thank You page with a download button containing the zipped folder of our presets. 

You will also receive two confirmation emails - one from Kajabi with your Video Workshop login info, and one from us called ‘Your New Editing Tools!’ This email has a simple download button for the presets.

Your Welcome email also has a button to access the Video Workshop, where your 35+ editing tutorials are hosted. There are also download buttons on every single video, so there’s no way you won’t know where to find the presets to download!

Will they work with my version of Adobe Lightroom?


We created these presets to work with the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom, so you will need to update your Lightroom to version 7.5 or later. We did this because the new file format Adobe has adopted (.xmp files) are incredible, versatile, and industry standard. 

We decided against creating .lrtemplate versions for all past versions of Lightroom, as it’s been a number of years since the switch, and we want to cater to the present and future versions of Lightroom without causing confusion. 

Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to use the desktop presets without at least version 7.5 of Adobe Lightroom. 


The mobile presets come in TWO file formats and can be used by anyone who has the free Adobe Lightroom Mobile app:
.xmp files to easily sync from Adobe Lightroom on your desktop to Adobe Lightroom Mobile.  
.dng files to install the presets straight to Adobe Lightroom Mobile (you do NOT need an Adobe subscription to use the mobile presets).

Are your presets refundable?

We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. Our presets are an immediate digital download that cannot be un-downloaded, therefore they are non-refundable. We are confident in our presets’ ability to meet your needs, and have offered as much educational content as we can in the Video Workshop.

How do I install DESKTOP presets + tools?

We worked so hard on creating a very clear and comprehensive How to Install video, and it is hosted in your Video Workshop! If you follow it step-by-step. we are confident your installation process will be simple. If you encounter any issues at all, just email and we’ll be happy to assist you!

How do I install the MOBILE presets?

There are two ways you can install the mobile presets outlined clearly in the How To Install Mobile Presets video included in your Video Workshop:

1. If you do NOT have an Adobe Lightroom Subscription, you can install by:
Downloading the free Lightroom app (Google Store / Apple Store)
Following the instructions in the How to Install Mobile Presets video in your Video Workshop

2. If you have an Adobe Lightroom Subscription, you can install by:
Making sure your Lightroom is up to date (version 7.5 or later)
Following the instructions in the How to Install Mobile Presets video in your Video Workshop

I don’t have a paid Adobe account - can I still use your Mobile Presets?

Yes! Our mobile presets are created for the FREE Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. Some features in the free app aren’t available, but that won’t affect your use of the mobile presets! The mobile preset comes with a Video Workshop with 2+ hours of editing tutorials to help you make the most of your presets in the Lightroom app!

I am UPDATING my presets, but Lightroom won't let me import them.

In the ‘How To Install’ video in your video workshop, there is a downloads section. You can see the preset download simply called SEASONS PRESET BUNDLE or SEASONS MOBILE PRESETS (depending on your purchase), but there is also another download called ‘If you DON’T want to REPLACE old presets’ or ‘If you DON’T want to REPLACE old mobile presets.’  This is the download for you! They have new file names and therefore won't replace old presets!

Do your presets work for both JPEG and RAW images?

If you shoot RAW, we recommend purchasing Seasons Preset Bundle! It is designed specifically for RAW images, with 10 Lightroom Presets and 10 Lightroom Tools, with an extensive Video Workshop with 35+ video tutorials. It also comes with 10 Mobile Presets which were created for mobile phone photos (or JPEGS). Getting the Bundle means getting presets you can use on ALL your images, helping them look consistent!

Do your desktop presets and tools work with all camera types?

Yes! During the creation process for our presets we tested them on raw images taken with a range of cameras and lenses from our loyal followers. We shoot with Canon and Sigma Lenses, but also use these presets on our Fujiflm camera with Fuji lenses (and friends of ours love our presets for their Nikon and Leica images). 

I bought the presets but they didn’t show up on my Lightroom mobile app. 

Don’t worry! We made a video to help with that, too! This is addressed in the How To Install Mobile Preset video in your Video Workshop. In the past, if we ever had trouble with the Mobile Presets not syncing to Lightroom Mobile, we uninstalled Lightroom Mobile from our iPhone then reinstalled it and synced across the presets again.

Still need help?

If your question hasn't been answered above, reach out to us via email at and our Customer Support Manager will respond to you as soon as possible!

Kelly K.

"Best presets I've EVER bought. And so reasonably priced. The bundle comes with tutorial videos and everything! I've never been treated so well by photography educators before. They set the standard high!"

Melanie K.

"This bundle is GOLD! As a more beginner photographer, this has help me provided my clients with stunning images, and better understand the basic of editing."

Samantha M.

"I have tried so many Lightroom presets and none of them seemed to be the right fit… but Seasons Presets have exceeded my expectations and I am using them exclusively."

Alaina Davis Photography

"This bundle gave me serious inspiration to be a better photographer, because I knew that as soon as I edited the photo it would be EXACTLY what I always dreamed of. Seasons Presets have been the greatest gift."