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Seasons Mobile Presets

30 Lightroom Mobile Presets
2+ Hours of Exclusive Editing Tutorials

Seasons is our flagship preset bundle, the epitome of years of creating, tweaking and testing. We labored over these editing tools and education so you can edit with confidence, consistency, and true joy.

our flagship, best-selling presets

The presets for every image in every season.


30 Lightroom Mobile Presets,
2+ Hours Exclusive Editing Tutorials

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Seasons Mobile Presets




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Seasons Presets have single handedly jump-started my photo business after years of no traction.

Our before + afters are so fun to share. Besides our rave customer reviews, they're the best way we can share with you the power of Seasons Mobile Presets.

If you're prone to drooling, get the tissues out - these before + afters are dreamy.

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everyone loves a good glow up

What's included?

• How To Install
• Introducing Mobile Presets
• Watch us edit our Sydney Vacation
• Watch us edit with Original
• Watch us edit with Selfie
• Watch us edit with Summer
• Watch us edit with Autumn
• Watch us edit with Winter
• Watch us edit with Spring
• Watch us edit with Indoors
• Watch us edit with B+W
• Watch us edit YOUR photos

2h+ Exclusive Editing Tutorials


24 Color:
Original, Original Lite, Original Alt, Selfie, Selfie Lite, Selfie Alt, Golden Hour, Golden Hour Lite, Golden Hour Alt, Summer, Summer Lite, Summer Alt, Autumn, Autumn Lite, Autumn Alt, Winter, Winter Lite, Winter Alt, Spring, Spring Lite, Spring Alt, Indoors. Indoors Lite, Indoors Alt

6 Black and White:
B+W Bright, B+W Bright Alt, B+W Crushed, B+W Crushed Alt, B+W Moody, B+W Moody Alt

30 Lightroom Mobile Presets


Presets for everyday moments

Sammie chaffin photography

"Athena + Camron's presets are exactly what I needed to beautifully edit my photos with a timeless, authentic look."

Kelly klemmensen photography

"Best presets I've EVER bought. And so reasonably priced. The presets come with tutorial videos and everything!"

alaina davis photography

I really love these presets... they execute exactly what I hope for - rich colors, pretty whites, and even skin tones- they do it all!

5,800+ happy students can't be wrong.





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which presets are right for you?


DESKTOP PRESETS: We created these presets to work with the latest versions of Adobe. We did this because the new file format Adobe has adopted (.xmp files) are incredible, versatile, and industry standard. In order to use our desktop presets, you will need to update to these versions:
• LR CLASSIC CC (V7.5 or later)
• LR CC (V1.3 or later)
• ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ACR (V10.5 or later). 

MOBILE PRESETS: The mobile presets come in TWO file formats. The .xmp files can only be installed on Lightroom 7.3 or later, but the .dng files can be directly installed to the free Lr mobile app! 

Will Seasons Presets work with my version of Lightroom?


Yes! Our mobile presets are created for the FREE Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. Some features in the free app aren’t available, but that won’t affect your use of the mobile presets! The mobile preset comes with a Video Workshop with 2+ hours of editing tutorials to help you make the most of your presets in the Lightroom app!

I don’t have an Adobe subscription - can I still use your Mobile Presets?


We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. Our presets are an immediate digital download that cannot be un-downloaded, therefore they are non-refundable.

We are confident in our presets’ ability to meet your needs, and have offered as much educational content as we can in the free editing tutorials each preset pack comes with.

If you are unhappy with your presets for any reason, please contact us at, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Can I get a refund on your presets if they don't work for me?


Yes! During the creation process for our presets we tested them on raw images taken with a range of cameras and lenses from our loyal followers. We shoot with Canon and Sigma Lenses, but also use these presets on our Fujiflm camera with Fuji lenses (and friends of ours love our presets for their Nikon and Leica images). 

Do your desktop presets and tools work with all camera types?


After you checkout, you will immediately be taken to a Thank You page with a download button containing the zipped folder of our presets.

You will also receive two confirmation emails - one from Kajabi with your Video Workshop login info, and one from us with another download button for the presets. If you do not see one or both of these emails, please first check your spam/promotions folder.

If the confirmation email from us is NOT in your spam/promotions folder, it is because you did not subscribe to receiving emails from us during checkout. During the checkout process, you were asked to click the button 'subscribe to our list.' If you didn't check it, you won't be able to receive the confirmation emails from us (and any future preset update emails, which are really important!).

To resubscribe, login to your account (using the email and password you created at checkout - if you forgot, click here to make a new one). Then hit Settings and check each box 'Please notify me...' - hit save,. After you've resubscribedadd your name and email to this form!

I purchased your presets, but can't see an email?


Our Presets have custom adobe profiles that we created to give them their unique look. Because of this, some of our Presets will be ‘hidden’ if your Lightroom is set to automatically hide ‘incompatible’ presets. 

In Adobe Lightroom, hit Presets, then the three bubbles in the top right you used to Import Presets. Uncheck ‘Hide Partially Compatible Presets’ and all Presets should appear across both Desktop and Mobile.

A few presets are showing up, but most are missing! Where are the rest of them?


We offer updates for Seasons Presets only. Though released in 2019, each year we have offered an all-encompassing update - new presets, more education, better versatility, easier use.

We are committed to always keeping this preset pack fresh and relevant, keeping up with advances in Lightroom and Photoshop technology.

I saw you offer Lightroom updates for the presets - what does this mean?



Login: Your email you used to checkout

Password: The password you created at checkout. Forgotten? No worries! Create a new one here.

How do I access my Video Workshop - the editing tutorials?


If your question hasn't been answered above, reach out to us via email at and our Customer Support Manager will respond to you as soon as possible!

Still need help?

Seasons Presets FAQ's

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