I purchased your preset, now how do I access everything?

You will receive a confirmation email following your purchase that will include a folder with Seasons Preset (both desktop and mobile), Adjustments and Toolkit, and a pdf with instruction and passwords to to access the Video Workshop.

Will they work with my version of Adobe Lightroom?


I only want the preset for Lightroom Mobile as I don't have Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic on my desktop. Will the mobile presets download to my phone even without using Lightroom on my laptop first?

If you want to invest in Seasons Preset Bundle even though you only will be using the mobile presets, that's great! Just download Seasons Preset Bundle then shoot us an email letting us know and we will give you direct access to a .DNG file for both Seasons Color (mobile) and Seasons B+W (mobile). So YES you can go ahead and download Seasons and we'll make sure you can use them with mobile!

Are these different from your free preset?

The short answer is most definitely yes. Since we released the free preset last year we’ve edited and delivered over 30,000 images, and along the way we spent enormous amounts of time and effort thinking through and developing presets that were invaluable to us. We also wanted to include Adjustments and a Toolkit this time, as well as educational content and, of course, mobile presets! We encourage you to look through our Seasons Preset website page again to really help you understand how much more this product has to offer you :)

Do these work on JPEG’s?

Seasons Color and B+W were designed to work best on RAW files (RAW doesn't mean unedited, it is a specific file type). However, Seasons Color (mobile) and Seasons B+W (mobile) were created to work on JPEG's in Lightroom Mobile, so you can use those to edit your JPEGS! 

So it’s only one preset? Or thirty?

While Seasons Preset only comes in Color and B+W, the Adjustments are basically 10 unique presets that can be used for different contexts and scenarios. They use Seasons Color as their base, so they are cohesive with your editing. The tools in the toolkit are NOT presets - they are what you would call 'tweaks' and can be used no matter what base preset you choose.

Does this preset with work all camera types?

Yes! We we’re given a lot of raw images taken with a plethora of cameras and lenses from our loyal followers and we used our preset successfully on all of them.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds, return or exchanges. The packs are digitally downloaded products that cannot be un-downloaded therefore they are non refundable. We are confident in our presets ability to meet your needs.

How do I download them?

Watch our installation videos included with all of other educational videos. If you have any trouble, there are many educational videos on youtube about installing presets. However if you need to you can reach out via direct email to support@athenaandcamron.com

I bought the presets but they didn’t show up in mobile? 

Don’t worry! We made a video to help with that too! This is also in our educational video section. In the past, if we ever had trouble with the Mobile Presets not syncing to Lightroom Mobile we uninstalled Lightroom Mobile from our iPhone then reinstalled it and synced across the presets again.

I bought the presets, but can’t find where to download them or access the educational content?

The presets and the educational content were in your email confirmation and are available for direct download there. Feel free to reach out to us if you are still having trouble.

Still need help?

If your question hasn't been answered above, out to us via direct email to support@athenaandcamron.com and we’d be happy to help. We will respond faster to you with a direct email then through our connect form.