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skintone cooler

toolkit 1:

A simple but effective tool to cool down skin tones in the overall image. It is very subtle but enough to help with orange faces and hard light!

skintone warmer

toolkit 2:

One of our favorite tools - clicking this will add a ton of beautiful warmth to your images (not just a bump in the oranges but the overall feel of your image!). 

skintone soft

toolkit 3:

This tool is a powerful way to compensate for intensely contrasted images where you want to bring back detail to your skin tones.

skintone bright

toolkit 4:

An easy way to brighten skin tones and clean up an image to help focus on personality and expression.

tone curve

toolkit 5:

We included this in our toolkit as a quick way to click back to the original tone curve if you end up adjusting it in any way.

tone curve

toolkit 6:

More than just a variation of Toolkit 4, this tool completely transforms the image, helping clean up and brighten everything.

tone curve

toolkit 7:

One of Camron's favorites, this adds mood by lifting the shadows and manipulating the highlights in the tone curve.

for underexposed

toolkit 8:

We call this tool magic because it instantly smooths any grainy image. Underexposed images tend to lose detail when they are brightened so this tool compensates for any noise.

for backlit

toolkit 9:

We don't often shoot backlit, but when we do we want the images to be nice and clean, with blown out highlights. This tool is a simple pop to any dulled or muted backlit image.

add mood

toolkit 10:

Feeling creative? We love this tool for more moody images that call for extra grain, muted tones and earthy colors.


toolkit B+W:

If you like your B+W edits cleaner and brighter, this tool is for you. It quickly cleans up the skies and brightens skin.


toolkit B+W:

An old-time feel, this tool instantly transports your photos back a few decades.


toolkit B+W:

Feeling Creative? This is our most unique B+W tool, as it gives a faded, grainy look to your image that reminds us of old black and white film.