We are photographers and educators and think marriage is the best thing ever. Our heart is to see more photographers embrace true connection and invite real emotion in their work (and recovering their own hearts along the way).


I’m an Australian living in Seattle and haven’t lost my accent (yet).

I was born south of Sydney in a coastal beach town (heck yes I miss the sun!).

I'm a wedding photographer for a living but I also LOVE writing and teaching. Being an educator is an overwhelming passion of mine.

I’m very romantic and idealistic. I think life is all one great big romance. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think that’s what I give couples - I give them my heart.

hey there

I am a former barista and videographer with an ever growing appreciation for good aesthetic, minimal design and thought evoking stills.

I was born and raised in the NW and still can’t get enough of the nostalgia.

My ideal morning starts with a single origin cup of coffee and some obscene theology or philosophy book.

I think marriage is the greatest and I still can’t believe this gorgeous Australian fell for me!

hey there

I'M camron



our story

part one - athena's story

part two - how we met

our wedding

We had a reception party in Sydney two months before our wedding. We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate our marriage with Athena’s family and friends. Every moment was filled with beauty and we were at a loss for words; we were so grateful to everyone who came to pray over us and send us off into marriage together! 

sydney reception


The best day of our lives - we said, ‘I do’ beside our favorite lake, underneath mountains hued by forest fire haze. On August 10th 2017 we (FINALLY) got married. Captured by Benj Haisch, it was a simple elopement with just our immediate family and our pastor. 

Our photographer Benj gave us photos with more value than we’ve ever known. And their value is only going to increase with time as we grow older!


seattle elopement

Sometimes there are moments that don’t have words. For once, this inability to write is a good thing. Because these moments mattered in a way that words insufficiently declare, and thankfully it all doesn’t have to be constrained to a paragraph. My joy wouldn’t fit anyway. There, on a glacier, we spoke our vows again, this time a few days into marriage, and it was almost as powerful as the first time.


alaska honeymoon

This was the party to end all parties (literally). Our fourth and final celebration of our marriage was 1 month after our wedding day, with our friends and Camron's family! Held at Narrative Coffee Co (best coffee in Washington) on the first night of spring, it was a literal dream come true for us. It was a joy beyond words to feel the completion of it all. Captured by legend Benj Haisch, we're obsessed with these photos (especially of the tim tam slams... and the prayer). 


seattle reception

We wanted to share our vows with you, in hopes that if you're writing yours you may be inspired by ours. And if you're already married, to be encouraged by the promises we all make to each other when we make a lifelong covenant (what a wild, beautiful thing!).

our vows