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Athena and Camron

equipping photographers to make honest images


about our company

Our zone of genius is the place where photographing real emotion meets powerful editing.

We are dedicated to serving photographers with premium resources that make honest images.

Why ‘honest’? Because we’re living in an unprecedented culture of fabrication in photography. Just scroll instagram and you’ll be inundated with fast, filtered, flawless images that often show a facade.

Where’s all the real emotion gone? What happened to unposed, genuine moments that exist for the sake of memories (...not for the sake of likes)?

There has never been a better time in history for photographers to invite real connection from their clients, and edit these moments with honesty and integrity.

We help photographers stand out. Never again wonder how you’re going to invite joy from your clients, or whether the cheap presets you downloaded from the shady corners of the internet will fail you again.

We’re all in to help you transform your photography, so you can build a portfolio full of genuine photos that outlast fleeting social media trends.

Athena goes on exchange from her hometown (Sydney) to the University of Oxford. There, she takes portrait after portrait of her fellow students from around the world, and feels the unique satisfaction of their joy when they see the images. She returns home and immediately gets involved in the wedding photography industry through friendship connections, and learns everything she can (experiencing a number of truly awkward photo shoots she can’t forget!)

It started when Athena went on exchange to Oxford


Athena starts to dream - what if photography doesn’t have to be awkward? She begins to experiment with invitations (a method of inviting real moments through focusing on the clients personal history). She schedules shoot after shoot with friends and family, trying to learn the art of inviting real emotion and connection. She upgrades to a Fujifilm XT1 (with a 23mm and 56mm). One of her weddings is featured on a wedding blog, and the enquiries start rolling in… including one from America!

She became passionate about no more awkward photoshoots


Athena flies to America and photographs an engagement shoot in Yosemite, which would eventually kickstart her photography career in the States. Then the moment you’ve all been waiting for happens - she meets Camron, a bearded barista from Portland who was working part-time as a wedding videographer. They fell in love, and began a long-distance relationship.

Athena visits America and, yes, falls in love.


Athena was granted a 1 year visa and moved to America. They invest in Canon gear and start photographing weddings, couples and families together - from Washington to Oregon, California and Hawaii, Canada and Alaska, even London and Ireland! Their favorite place was Alaska - they decided that’s where they wanted to marry. They grow their relationship and decide forever isn’t long enough.

A year of adventure together - travel, photoshoot, repeat.


Camron proposes, knee deep in PNW snow. They spend 6 months in Australia, waiting for Athena’s fiance visa to return to America. Before they leave they throw a wedding party in Sydney. A month later they elope under hazy skies just outside Seattle, honeymoon in Alaska, then have another wedding party in Seattle. After some blissful months of owning ONLY a mattress, they buy a desk and jump right into preparing to launch their first company...

The year our marriage started (with four weddings!)


On Valentines Day, their company is born. ‘Athena and Camron’ is launched along with a free preset that is downloaded 30,000+ times in the first year. They photograph wonderful couples and start creating educational videos and freebies to help more photographers make honest images.

The year we started our company together, full-time!


They begin the year with two products in mind - a flagship preset bundle years in the making, and a masterclass course to equip photographers to invite real emotion. On Valentines Day, Seasons Preset Bundle is launched, and the response is overwhelming. They finally visit Australia after Athena gets her greencard, then release Seasons Mobile Presets. For the rest of the year they prepare to launch Embracing Connection Masterclass. The course debuts in November with almost 300 happy students!

The year they released Presets and the Masterclass


Athena and Camron had planned to take this year off from photographing weddings to focus on growing their photography education. Then, of course, COVID turned the world upside down. With an inability to travel and no weddings on the calendar anyway, Athena and Camron grow their team to 4, launched Homebody Presets, posted regularly on their youtube channel (finally), and reopened doors to Embracing Connection Masterclass. 

That year when everyone became a Homebody


This is a year of getting quieter on social media so they could be more present in their lives, Athena and Camron had big plans for 2021. With the 2021 Update of Seasons Preset Bundle released, and a MASSIVE intake into their Sept '21 Masterclass opening, this was a big year. But they didn't stop! They also released Postcard Presets, which received over 100 5-Star reviews in the first week of sales.

Full Time Educators


In 2022 they stopped taking any wedding bookings, and instead focused exclusively on equipping photographers through premium presets and the masterclass on inviting real emotion in photography. They spent the entire year working on and releasing THE BEST UPDATE EVER for Seasons Presets - Seasons Ai, using the latest in Adobe Ai technology. 

The future is looking good... and full of new products!


2023 marks TEN years since Athena photographed her first wedding, and to celebrate a decade in the industry, Athena and Camron will be releasing some of their favorite products to date (coming soon).

The future is looking good... and full of new products!


Our Journey

as seen in

I am a former barista and videographer with an ever growing appreciation for good aesthetic, minimal design and thought evoking stills. I was born and raised in the PNW and still can’t get enough of the nostalgia. My ideal morning starts with a single origin cup of coffee and a good book, ranging from theology, philosophy and poetry, to anthologies and biographies. 

Meet Camron

I’m an Australian living in Seattle and haven’t lost my accent (yet). I was born just south of Sydney in a coastal beach town (heck yes I miss the sun!). I was a wedding photographer for 8 years, but my true passion is writing and teaching others about creativity. I’m very romantic and idealistic. I think life is all one great big romance. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think that’s what I gave my clients - I gave them my heart.

Meet Athena



These days, there’s a lot of pressure on an About Me page (thankfully not as much as all our tiny instagram bios) - be witty, stand out, be memorable.

But when I think of what to say about us, I just think of our love story. It’s rare, and beautiful, and I still can’t believe it happened to us. 

Photography brought me to America, which brought me to Camron - the love of my life.

By the time I met Camron, I’d already renounced awkward photoshoots - I was done with fabricating moments in order to get ‘the shot.’ As a portrait photographer (couples, families, individuals), I wanted real, genuine, true emotions for my clients - where the photos were simply a byproduct of a powerful shoot experience.

Camron and I married, and six months later we transitioned my little photography business into a full time husband + wife photography team. We practiced inviting real emotion through our photography method of Invitations, which is now a complete step-by-step Masterclass for photographers.

Every time we came home from a shoot, we brought the integrity of true connection into our editing. We spent years crafting our flagship preset product, Seasons Presets. The name is rich with meaning - editing tools for every photo, in every season.

So that's it, really. We truly care about equipping photographers to make honest images. In this industry, honest images are actually few and far between. We’ll don’t want to teach you how to take and edit a pretty photo - we want more for you than that.

Ready to see what we mean? Start here.


"When I think of what to say about us, I think of our love story. It’s rare, and beautiful, and I still can’t believe it happened to us."

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