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Learn from Athena + Camron how to invite real joy, movement and intimacy in your photography WITHOUT forcing emotion... every single time.

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You'll learn:
😀 How to invite real JOY from your clients
💃 How to invite genuine MOVEMENT from your clients
😭 How to invite true INTIMACY from your clients

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Being Photographed Can Either Be Awkward Or Awesome

we're on a mission to always make it the latter

There's a reason it's always so awkard

We have polled our audience multiple times over the years, asking 'What is the #1 struggle you face in your photography?'

EVERY SINGLE TIME easily 90% of people say Inviting real emotion and connection. 

You know what this tells us? There is a massive need in this industry for education on inviting connection.

The Problem

There has never been a better time in history for photographers to carve a new path towards real connection - people are over photos that aren’t the real deal. 

Everyone is longing more than ever for real emotion and true connection, which means there is now a higher calling for Photographers... 

The Calling

And this is a problem, because of the unprecedented current cultural climate of fabrication in photography. 

More people take photos than ever before... and with the addictive side of Instagram culture that demands engaging content no matter the cost, we are INUNDATED with fast, fabricated, filtered images. 

But it's become clear in recent years that people are fed up with fabrication and are sick of fake. 

The Context

We get it. They’re staring at you waiting, they’re uncomfortable, YOU’RE uncomfortable, so you opt for what seems easy. Specific direction (hug her), asking for emotion (give me a laugh), and fabricating a ‘moment’ (pretend you’re really excited and jump up and down together)...

Is there anything wrong with this? Not necessarily. But it’s lacking. It’s lacking truth, it’s lacking meaning, and it sure as heck lacks the ability to ground them in the present moment. To really experience what is real. To really connect without facade. And what does that mean in the long run, when Instagram is replaced and they forget how many likes it got and they’re left with just that photo in their aging hands?

They don’t see a window back into a special moment of real emotion to help them VIVIDLY remember what it smelled like, sounded like, felt like. They’ll see a photograph without any triggers to memories of their hearts.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: faked moments in photos might look good on Instagram, but they won’t mean anything in 50 years.


You find yourself choosing to fake moments out of desperation for ‘great photos’...

Woah hold up. Don’t let our Western culture of ‘The Extrovert Ideal’ hold you back. What do we mean? Well, if you’ve been in this industry for longer than 60 seconds, you might have wondered at some point, ‘Have I entered a culture in which being outgoing and able to ‘make people feel comfortable' are the two most important factors of success?’

We want to be upfront with you right now. Your success as a photographers who embraces connection is NOT dependent on your sociability, your extroversion, your small talk skills, your excellent eye contact, or your ability to ‘fill the silence’ well.

In fact, it’s the opposite. Every portrait is a gift. You cannot steal it, force it, or fabricate it. We need photographers who build not their own egos, but build up the clients they’re with. We put too much emphasis on performing and producing, and not enough on humanity and presentness and joy.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Every portrait is a gift. You cannot make (or break) it because of your personality.


You don’t believe you have the personality required to ‘get’ your clients ‘comfortable’

If you don’t want to be a photographer who poses, you might swing the other way and adopt the philosophy of giving NO direction at all - in hopes of avoiding fabricated moments.

We completely understand this. In everyday contexts, people truly CAN be more themselves without interference or direction. But how many of us are really ourselves when we’re uncomfortable? When we’re with someone we don’t know, or in an unfamiliar place? Or with a MASSIVE camera in your face? At best we become image-projectors, putting on a show for the camera; at worst we freeze up and become a shadow of our true, colorful self.

It’s our privilege as photographers to help our clients forget the camera is there and use connection-based Invitations™️ as an opportunity to set them at ease (+ have a legitimately fun experience).

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: People need help experiencing emotion in front of a camera, and that’s more than okay - it’s actually your privilege. 


You’re still not sure if ‘inviting’ anything at all is best with clients (and have always thought it’s better to stay silent and let them be themselves)

3 Reasons You’re Struggling with
AWKWARD or FAKE Shoot Experiences

Imagine this experience for you and your clients:

Every Photographers Dream

goodbye awkward

You never again not know ‘what to say’ or ‘how to prompt’ while photographing someone

goodbye fake

You’ll never again have to fake or fabricate moments of connection because they will be occurring NATURALLY

goodbye anxiety

You overcome shoot anxiety and walk into shoots CONFIDENT

hello mentors

You get mentors you resonate with, and who can give you 10 years of experience in one course you can watch forever.

hello tools

You get real, practical tools - Invitations Cards, Virtual Second Shooter footage, downloadable Templates, Checklists, Cheat sheets etc.

hello income

You get to increase your revenue + fill your calendar with dream shoots - with clients who RAVE about their experience with you.

Here's our secret...

During our near-decade career as photographers, we’ve learned from others in our industry, taken hundreds of thousands of photos, invited real emotion from hundreds of people, and 

we developed a step by step, proven method we call Invitations™️.

We want to teach YOU all about Invitations™️ and help your clients have POWERFUL shoot experiences...

Invitations™️ have been our ‘secret weapon’ for photographing hundreds of people every single year WITHOUT forcing emotion.

now, it's your turn


A complete step-by-step Masterclass equipping photographers to invite real emotion in their photography (every time) using our proven method of Invitations™

Embracing Connection


future photographers

professional photographers

intermediate photographers

Who is this Masterclass for?

beginner photographers

You're interested in photography and want to learn how to start well

You're just getting started and have no idea how you're going to interact with your clients

You're over awkward shoots and NEED a new way of photographing your clients!

You want new tools to grow your business - happier clients, a stronger portfolio, and higher financial success

Our clients have said their shoots were:

What's Inside the Masterclass?

Module Breakdown


module 01


module 02


module 03


module 04


module 05


module 06

See inside each Module by clicking on an image or through the arrows

Embracing Connection

Module 1 is all about connection - a foundational mindset and method to ground and support you and your clients in ways nothing else will.


module 01

LESSON 01: the heart of connection

We teach you why we called this Embracing Connection, and about creativity, vulnerability. agenda, ego and perspective. We uncover the real reason why people want photos, and the rise of the selfie. Finally, we discuss the all important perspective on why why Memories Matter More than photos. Don't miss this grounding lesson!


lesson 02: the mindset of connection

What are Invitations? And how do we know when it becomes Fabrication? We explain our method in full, discussing the all important mindset of moving BEYOND posing.


lesson 03: the pace of connection

We reveal the Thief of Connection (hint: it’s hurry), and share why slowing down matters for connection. We unpack the powerful science behind slowing down, and talk about what hurry is incompatible with… Then we get practical and share phrases to invite the true pace of connection in your photography. One of our favorite lessons from the entire class, and voted Most-Loved by our students.


next module


Inviting Joy

We unpack all our Invitations on JOY, equipping you with more than something to memorize, but a mindset to adopt.


module 02

LESSON 1: setting the tone for joy

We teach you exactly how we set the tone in the first fifteen minutes using introductory joy invitations


LESSON 2: drawing on personal history

 A POWER-PACKED lesson that will transform your shoot experience with individuals, groups or couples on our two favorite Invitations


LESSON 3: getting them present

With focus on wedding days, this lesson is the METHODS behind the pace of true connection


LESSON 4: mindset > memorize

A vital lesson with TONS of Invitation examples, to illustrate how they can occur naturally and be offered seamlessly in your shootswith focus on wedding days, this lesson is the METHODS behind the pace of true connection, introduced as a MINDSET in M01


LESSON 5: individual portraits

Exactly how we invite joy when we're shooting portraits, with Invitation examples and photo stories of our techniques + tools


LESSON 6: group portraits

Never be intimidated by shooting groups again! We teach you how to draw out joy from ANY group of people - family, bridal party, etc.


LESSON 7: joy that has integrity

An essential conclusion to the module. Must watch.


next module


Inviting Movement

We unpack all our Invitations on MOVEMENT, equipping you with more than something to memorize, but a mindset to adopt


module 03

LESSON 1: what movement does

Movement without purpose feels fake - this lesson covers the three changes movement with intention makes in a shoot experience


LESSON 2: movement with purpose

This lesson is all about the psychology of movement and of communication (with discussion on the differences between men and women), and virtual second shooter footage of our two favorite, fun movement Invitations


LESSON 3: movement to invite emotion

 Invitations toward movement can actually evoke deep emotion. We talk all about how with multiple Invitations showcased in our BTS shoot


LESSON 4: movement that is natural

Exactly how we offer movement Invitations consecutively, in one fluid experience


LESSON 5: movement in group portraits

Our best invitations for inviting movement with purpose in groups - bridal parties, friends, family...


next module


Inviting Intimacy

We unpack all our Invitations on INTIMACY, equipping you with more than something to memorize, but a mindset to adopt


module 04

LESSON 1: the power of vulnerability

All about vulnerability, and the power of good instructions for your clients


LESSON 2: repeating the same invitations

How to reuse invitations first offered for joy, and how to reuse them with integrity


LESSON 3: words of affirmation

The power of words of affirmation, with emphasis on the psychology behind it and the difference between what men and women need


LESSON 4: sensory invitations

Specifically designed to awaken and enliven the senses, to ground them in the present and therefore create powerful memories


LESSON 5: first invite trust

The natural order of vulnerability always begins with trust, so how do we build that?


next module


LESSON 6: individual portraits

How to invite powerful moments just with one person


LESSON 7: approaching sensitive topics

MUST WATCH before using Intimacy Invitations, also SUCH a need in the industry right now


Shoot Experience

Your A-Z guide on the entire shoot experience, with every practical tool we could fit


module 05

LESSON 1: preparing yourself

physical, vocal, mental, emotional and creative preparation


LESSON 2: preparing your clients

all our templates for a great client experience from initial enquiry to final delivery, and tools for next level shoot experiences


LESSON 3: the role of personality

spoiler: you DON’T have to an extrovert with the most magnetic personality on earth to use these Invitations


LESSON 4: pricing yourself

how to price your craft and use value-based language


LESSON 5: client management

why this matters and how to do it with ease + profitability


next module


LESSON 6: complete editing workflow

from culling through to delivery





preparing for a shoot

Checklist + Packing List


preparing your clients

Email Templates + Questionnaires:
Responding well to an Initial Enquiry (email)
Research - REALLY Getting to know them (questionnaire)
Setting expectations for a powerful shoot experience (email)
Setting practical expectations (email)
Post-shoot encouragement and reminders (email)
Pre-Wedding communication (questionnaire)
Next-Level Ideas for Intentionality with your shoot (email)


answering tough questions

Email Templates:
Can I get a discount?
Can I have the RAW files?
Can we get more photos?
Why do you charge a travel fee?
Can I have you for more time for the same price?


workflow editing cheat sheet

Export + Delivery


next module



Live behind-the-scenes footage

be our second shooter!

We have been basically preparing for this Masterclass for our entire career, but our very first ‘pen to paper,’ ‘rubber-hits-the-road’ moment was when we gathered with a small group of people in an empty, unremarkable room in Seattle and photographed real connection.

We didn’t begin with a marketing strategy, a module outline, or a social media plan. We began with them. The clients. We decided the very FIRST thing we would do in building our Masterclass would be to capture the raw, unedited footage of HOW we photograph real clients. There was no fancy clothes, no insane mountain view or sunset, nothing of significance in the empty room - it was just us and them.

Our Virtual Second Shooter footage is one of our favorite parts of the entire Masterclass. It’s also the part that STILL makes us cry (well, Athena cries).



You probably think 100 is a nice sounding number we came up with for marketing purposes, and we’ve scraped and fluffed and puffed up a few dozen Invitations. It’s not.

We literally spent YEARS on these. To give you an insight - when I (Athena) first began learning from mentors and others in the industry, I learned the concept that it’s not about what I can say but what I can INVITE from my clients. I was given about 20, maybe 25 powerful “prompts” to work with from various workshops and mentors. That was 5 years ago.

Since then, Camron and I have probably given 1000 completely unique Invitations to our clients (and that is a modest guess). Invitations are INFINITE, because human beings are infinite.

However, we understand the need for concrete starting points for Invitations, so we put together our BEST 100 Invitations for Couples, Individuals, Groups and Families.

"I printed all of them and take them with me to shoots!"

100 Invitation Cards



+ Instant Download +

"I read over them before every shoot and incorporate them into the experience!"

"I have a terrible memory, so they help me remember my favorites!"

"I use them for a quick refresh, and now inviting joy comes easy!"

+ Bonus Digital Course +

Creating Your Own Invitations

You will already have 100 of ours and would have learned the MINDSET behind them, but in this Bonus we give you a practical step by step framework towards creating your own - both in preparation, as well as spontaneously during the shoot experience based on whomever is in front of you. In this Bonus we give you our ‘magic questions’ to ask yourself that will help you create invitations









LESSON 04 - when it doesn't 'work'


+ Bonus Digital Course +

How to Build Your Portfolio and Fill Your Calendar with Dream Shoots

We are going to teach you ALL the practical next steps for you to build a scroll-stopping, eye-catching, connection-focused portfolio, and how you can fill your calendar with DREAM shoots! 



LESSON 01: The 2 secrets to building your new portfolio


LESSON 02: Your ideal client + a portfolio you’re proud of


LESSON 03 - Filling your calendar (upselling + other ideas)


LESSON 04 - Social media as your digital portfolio


LESSON 05 - Building a website to convert enquiries to clients


LESSON 06 - Social media with integrity (*must watch*)


+ Bonus Lightroom Preset +

Embrace 01 Lightroom Preset

We created Embrace Editing Suite to equip portrait photographers with the Lightroom tools they need.

As you begin implementing the Masterclass lessons into your photography, we want to make sure you're equipped with a high quality preset that was specifically designed for portraits!

EMBRACE 01 is a color Lightroom Desktop Preset. It has warm, elegant, and simple tones. It is great for any and all portraits, especially ones you take outside in natural light (though it can be used for indoor photography too).



And the truth is, we probably should. It’s THAT good, and the results you can experience are massive. 

you're likely thinking

Geez, does this class cost thousands?

This is just a sample of what it did for our business

we gave our clients powerful experiences

we landed prestigious awards for our images

we generated a 6-figure income each year

we booked out our calendar with dream shoots

Therefore, the logical industry-standard total cost of this Masterclass should total at least $2,000...

The truth is, this Masterclass should be AT LEAST be the cost of booking one wedding, because with the tools you'll learn, you can

 The average cost of wedding photography in the US is around $2,000


secure multiple bookings that you can charge $4,000+ for


spark the interest of your dream clients


gather genuine photos for your portfolio


GUARANTEE your clients a powerful shoot experience


what comes with

Embracing Connection Masterclass

Embracing Connection Masterclass ($2000 Value)
5 Training Modules with 32 Teaching Lessons
Virtual Second Shooter footage with 2 real couples
Photo Stories of real shoots with couples, groups, and individuals
12+ downloadable email templates, checklists + cheat sheets
Delivered Instantly in a password protected member site
Private FB Group for Members
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
LIFETIME Access with ALL lessons PRELOADED

BONUS: 100 Invitation Cards ($97 Value)

BONUS COURSE: Creating Your Own Invitations ($97 Value)

BONUS COURSE: How to Build Your Portfolio + Fill Your Calendar With Shoots ($97 Value)

FAST ACTION BONUS: Embrace 01 Preset from Embrace Editing Suite ($149 Value) 


But we dream of a world where there are no more awkward photoshoots, so we're taking

(SAVE $2043)

84% OFf


One-Time Payment


2 x Interest-Free Payments


4 x Interest-Free Payments



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can join our Masterclass with full confidence because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee
if you feel it didn’t live up to the promises we’ve made.

This eliminates any risk you might feel in purchasing, but this Masterclass isn’t meant to be opted into lightly. We are looking for serious action takers - this is a completely comprehensible Masterclass the better part of a DECADE in the making. With that in mind, you’ll need to show you gave the program a try before requesting a refund. We are not looking for tire-kickers, but true go-getters that want to dive in and see real transformation.

If you do the work and implement these tools on a shoot and you’re still not satisfied, show us the work within 30 days of enrolling and we will GLADLY give you a refund. For more details, click here.

Masterclass Alumni Share Their Experience


It seems like a lot of what you teach is for wedding photographers. Will it honestly be helpful if I don’t shoot couples or weddings?

This Masterclass is for ANY photographer who struggles with knowing how to invite and capture true connection and real emotion, and offer a powerful shoot experience from beginning to end. 

While we have spent the last few years as wedding photographers capturing COUPLES, our experience and therefore this Masterclass covers many other kinds of photography.

Our Invitations cover everyone from Couples to Weddings to Groups to Families to Individuals. The Virtual Second Shooter Footage is only of couples, however we include photo stories of other shoots.

Because a human is a human, whether their partner or friend or family is next to them or not, our method of Invitations will help invite them to a place of real emotion. So YES, it will be helpful for you!


You can join our Masterclass with full confidence because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel it didn’t live up to the promises we’ve made. 

This eliminates any risk you might feel in purchasing, but this Masterclass isn’t meant to be opted into lightly. We are looking for serious action takers - this is a completely comprehensible Masterclass the better part of a DECADE in the making. With that in mind, you’ll need to show you gave the program a try before requesting a refund. We are not looking for tire-kickers, but true go-getters that want to dive in and see real transformation.

If you do the work and implement these tools on a shoot and you’re still not satisfied, show us the work within 30 days of enrolling and we will GLADLY give you a refund.

For more details, click here.

What's the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy all about?


Yes! If we’d had this training when we first began our photography, our journey would have been REVOLUTIONIZED from the start!

If there is one ‘secret’ to our success it is this, and if you can get it into your hands early on that is a WIN. While we consider ourselves experts in this area, we take you through step by step of the entire mindset and methods, which means no matter where you’re at with your journey, whether amateur or professional, you can adopt the practices within and see your clients experience powerful shoots (and you too!).

Is this for beginners? What if I’m just starting and don’t have any shoots booked yet but I want to become a full time photographer. Is there anything in here for growing my business?


With 5 Modules and 32 Lessons each, this Masterclass isn’t like a netflix show you watch in the background while you edit (we know you do that!). It is a deep dive into meaning and truth, with Virtual Second Shooter footage, tons of photo stories, and engaging teaching segments from us in every single lesson. You are worth this time. Lay aside distractions, and focus.

We guarantee after you’re finished the Masterclass you’ll want to rewatch or listen back to sections, so we included both Video AND audio that can be downloaded and watched offline or listened to on-the-go like a podcast.

In terms of actual hours, the Masterclass totals around 5 hours.

How many hours should I be setting aside to work through the Masterclass?


If we had chosen just to share our 100 Invitation Cards (worth $97), though ‘cheaper,’ we would have been doing you a disservice. To receive the Invitations without the training and education behind them would be irresponsible of us. Invitations are not a trick, and what we teach you are not ‘tips.’ This Masterclass is our heart, a manifestation of the greatest thing we’ve learned during our career - that connection is at the heart of a powerful photograph, and that truly the experience and moments matter more than the photo ever will.

As for our video content, besides the fact they are MUCH longer than youtube videos, the value lies not only in the complete step-by-step instruction, the virtual second shooter footage, and the lengthy stories and practices of real shoots, but also in the downloads. No youtuber will also give you their entire template set of questionnaires, email templates, checklists, and insider training on systems and workflow.

Keep in mind, we are offering ECM to you at 80% OFF of the actual real-world cost. We have sought to remove every barrier possible for those that are genuinely committed to growing in this area. If that’s you, we can’t wait for you to join and get started!

I’ve seen Posing Prompt Cards for <$100 and free youtube videos about posing your clients. What makes this worth the investment?


While we do include an entire lesson on our editing workflow as it pertains to you and your clients shoot experience, we don’t go into depth on our editing process as this is a Masterclass on Connection, not on Editing. We will give you information on ALL the tools we use, and briefly talk through how we keep connection and people at the heart of our editing, but we do not give you specific instructions on how to edit.

We have an entire Editing Workshop included with our Seasons Preset Bundle (Desktop + Mobile Presets, worth $149US). If you decide to join Embracing Connection Masterclass, at checkout you will be given the opportunity to add our entire Seasons Preset Bundle (including our Video Editing Workshop) for the exclusive member discount of 40% off.

Does your Masterclass also teach about editing?


If your question hasn't been answered, reach out to us via email at and we will respond to you as soon as possible!

Still have questions?

Masterclass FAQ's

The thing is, you COULD continue on as you are, without the framework, steps and tools for inviting connection. You don’t join the Masterclass, you don’t learn about Invitations, you don’t watch the lessons and do the work on growing and changing your own and your clients experiences, and you’re in the same place this time next year in a big open loop - still not having the experiences you desire, still not capturing the photos your clients want, and still not booking the work that you love.

OR, the second option is that you can 100% commit to changing the way you photograph THIS YEAR using our PROVEN practice of Invitations and the education offered in our Masterclass.

If you’re ready to change, we want to invite you inside the Embracing Connection Masterclass!

Still undecided?
You have two choices

become a member