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Rediscovering the Heart of Connection 

in photography

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You’re invited to our workshop, a space to reclaim the heart of true connection where you'll learn to capture unhurried and soulful moments.

"We don’t create moments. Instead, we give space for them; we simply invite, and the emotion they offer is a gift. It is not for us, but for them. It's true we are artists, but the greatest art is to offer a canvas on which they paint. Our honor is to offer an invitation to slow and meaningful connection. That's the real heart of photographing people - the soulful moments of stillness we freeze for generations in 1/500th of a second."

Athena + Camron, by Anni Graham

our philosophy

this workshop is for you if

• You want to slow down and get back to the heart of why you’re a photographer in the first place

• You’re interested in understanding the foundations of the heart of connection

• You want to learn invitations for your couples that give them space to really feel

• You want every client to have a beautiful shoot experience that becomes more than just photos

this workshop is not for you if

You want pretty photos for your portfolio.
This is not a workshop to ‘get good content.’ There will be no fabricated shoot. Learn how to truly see moments without your camera in the way. for this workshop we encourage you to leave your camera at home and be brought into the Now so that your future images are rooted in presence, intention and love. 

 You want to learn about editing or the ins and outs of running a photography business.
There are great workshops out there for this, but our workshop is about connecting back to yourself and connecting to your couples so that your creativity is transformed and their legacy is genuine.

who is this for?

You do not have to be a wedding photographer to come to As It Was Meant To Be. This is a workshop for humans who are about connection, and want to invite space for it to take place around them. Simply put, this will be most beneficial for you if you shoot humans (couples, families, portraits, etc). We will not be talking about landscape photography etc. We will be speaking about weddings, but it will be in the context of a greater conversation about connection that we believe is relevant to every creative.

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