We love when our favorite photographers release presets they've worked long and hard on - those 'one click edits' that that work on a variety of programs. 

But us? We just wanted to get something into your hands! Granted, we did work long and hard on this one, but we wanted to focus more on giving you something beautiful + easy to use but without the price tag!


it's finally here!

So we created a preset specifically for RAW files in Lightroom (any version). It is the exact preset we use!

We initially developed it for snow shoots in the winter time, but have since tweaked it to be ready for any and all seasons (warm golden sunsets or cool dusk vibes!) 


the details


what to expect

Natural + timeless

Creamy, soft skin tones


Low contrast

Bright whites

download your free preset:

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important faq's

All the installation instructions will be in a PDF in your preset folder!

how do i install?

We focus first on the exposure, predominantly on the skin. We adjust highlights, exposure and shadows accordingly.

We shift to look at color. After right clicking and going to settings > auto white balance, focusing first on the temp + tint. Then we usually desaturate some blue + yellow with the HSL slider, but that is our personal preference

To finish up we will bump up the contrast and whites as needed to make the skin look incredible.

What do you usually tweak with this preset?

This preset it designed explicitly for RAW photos edited in Lightroom, which means it won’t work as effectively on JPEG’s/iPhone images (but we still use it for those sometimes!)

This preset isn’t magic - it won’t turn an underexposed, blurry, grainy photo into perfection. While it may be a ‘one-click edit’ on your well-exposed photos, we usually spend time tweaking!

We use ‘auto white balance’ in camera as we’re shooting, and implemented ‘auto white balance’ into our preset. Which means choosing how cool or warm the image is will be up to you once you put our preset over your image!

If you shoot with Kelvin White balance to a specific color (greens, for example), this preset may need extra tweaking with temp + tint.

Will the preset work on all my photos?





• Make sure you are downloading on a desktop computer / laptop and not your phone (a lightroom preset file will only download + open on a desktop)

• If the download isn't working or it is downloading as a .txt file, switch your browser to Google Chrome

• If it still doesn't work, direct download the preset HERE.

• If you are having trouble installing the preset to Lightroom, watch this tutorial here (it's so great!)

if you are having problems downloading the file, here are some tips to help:

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download your free preset: