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Seasons Free Preset FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

fyi, no, this isn't a scam. 

We try our best to keep our emails reaching you, but with the increase in spam filters, it's harder than ever to make sure legitimate emails reach you.


Q1. How do I download your free preset?

Fill out this form, and you'll receive an email (if you don't, see troubleshooting options below).

Q2. I didn't get an email! What can I do?

There are a few reasons why you might not be seeing the email, so please read through the options below carefully, and hopefully this solves your issue.

Please try these troubleshooting options first, but if you still haven't received the preset after 24 hours, please reach out to us at

Potential Problem 1: You haven't yet confirmed your email address with us.

When you fill out the form above, you should be emailed an email called "hey, just checking you want this freebie?" If you don't see it in your primary inbox, please check your spam/junk/promotions folder! 

We do this for two reasons - one, to make sure we're sending our preset to real humans, and two, to make sure you're going to get it.

By confirming your email when you click the words 'Yes, subscribe me to this list,' our email marketing software will be more likely to see you as a real human and send you the preset email to your primary inbox.

Remember - sometimes, the email confirmation request and/or preset email still goes to your spam. So please check your spam/junk/promotions folder!

This email has a link to confirm your email address with us. Until you click this, you won't receive the preset download email. 

Potential Problem 2: Your Preset Download email has gone to spam/trash/promotions

After you confirm your email, you may not see the Preset Download email in your main inbox. It should actually arrive within a couple of minutes, so if you refresh your inbox and it's still not there, check your Promotions/Spam folder. 

The email is called, "PRESET DOWNLOAD + How to Edit Perfect Skin Tones in Lightroom Tutorial."

Potential Problem 3: Our email marketing has marked you as unsubscribed - it thinks you don't want emails from us.

We work hard to make sure our emails make it into your inbox, but sometimes our email marketing system will think you don't want our emails (aka you're marked as unsubscribed). Maybe you once marked an email of ours as spam, maybe you've unsubscribed from us in the past (no hard feelings!), or maybe your email server thought our Preset Download email was spam (fair enough, a gorgeous free preset can feel too good to be true!).

If you are still not receiving our free preset, even after checking your promotions and spam folder, then your email may be 'unable' to receive our free preset. There are two ways around this:

1. Use a different email address, if you have one

2. You will need to complete the double-opt in form below, confirming your email subscription with us again. Check for the email "Important: Please confirm your subscription." After you confirm, you should end up re-subscribed to our emails, which means you can successfully opt-in to our free preset here.

Did you do all that and STILL NOTHING?

If you tried all the troubleshooting methods above and you still don't have our free preset, please email us directly at and we will manually send you the free preset. Please allow time for us to respond - it will be worth the wait!

Q4. How do I install the free preset?

You will receive access to a free 30-minute editing training with Seasons Free Preset. In this video, there are short and clear instructions at the start of the video on how to install into Lightroom! The installation instructions are from 01:25 to 03:30.

The preset download and tutorial are hosted on the same private link in the 'PRESET DOWNLOAD' email.

Q5. I am having trouble importing the free preset on my mobile.

Our free preset is a DESKTOP preset - not a mobile preset. It will not work in your Lightroom Mobile app.

To use it, you will need to have an Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop subscription. A subscription is, at the time of writing this, only $9.99USD/month to have access to the most powerful photo editing tool on the market. If this is something within your budget, we highly recommend.

Otherwise, the free Lightroom mobile app is wonderful, not our free preset will not work with it. Check out our mobile presets here.

Q6. I am having trouble with my skin tones when using your free preset. Can you edit some of my photos for me to show me how?

Did you know that the free preset comes with a free 30 minute tutorial on skin tone? We tried really hard to pack as much helpful information as possible into that video, so we'd love you to watch it!

Also, you should be receiving two follow-up tutorials on the Brush Tool and Tone Curve, both of which emphasize skin tone. We really do teach as much as we can on it for a freebie!

We don't offer customized video tutorials or personalized photo editing for free preset downloaders, only for our Seasons Preset Bundle customers.