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Sometimes there are moments that don’t have words. For once, this inability to write is a good thing. Because these moments mattered in a way that words insufficiently declare, and thankfully it all doesn’t have to be constrained to a paragraph. My joy wouldn’t fit anyway.

Our time in Alaska had been planned for longer than we had even been engaged. We originally planned to elope there, but circumstances meant our elopement itself was in Seattle. That day was the most holy of all, and I cannot WAIT to share our photos from our wedding day. But because Alaska was already booked, we jumped on a plane anyway and had the beginning of our trip with India Earl and her husband Jay. We took our wedding clothes and went to the glacier we originally were going to get married on. We spoke our vows again, this time a few days into marriage, and it was almost as powerful as the first time.

Photography: India Earl | Videography: Raised By Woods Films | Wedding Dress: Karen Willis Holmes


Alaska Honeymoon

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