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3 Tips For a Healthier Work/Rest Balance

Are you tired but feel like you can’t stop?

Do you want to throw your phone (and social media) away but fear it’ll be the death-sentence to your business if you stop (even just for one day?)

We’ve been there, and STILL struggle hard with wanting to just disconnect and unplug, but believing instead that taking a day off from social media, emailing, and content creation would be vocationally suicidal.

But here’s the TRUTH 👉🏻 the world (and your business) will keep going if you take a day off. It’s only YOU that feels the absence of that 1 post, or the weight of those emails sitting there over the weekend. Taking a day off WONT make you miss your ideal client. In fact, we think it would give you the margin to reach your full potential AND all your dream clients!

Here are some tips we found help us live a healthier lifestyle when it comes to work and rest:


If you make videos, make four in one day. If you take photos, schedule two portfolio building shoots back to back for more content. Write all your captions for a week on Mondays. It not only helps free up your time, but it gives your content more intentionality and cohesiveness.


We use Schedugram and swear by it – it’s worth every dollar to have a program that shares your scheduled content without you having to lift a finger (and no glitches!). It even schedules Instagram stories for you, and looks after things like tagging and location tagging too. If you want it, use the code ATHENAANDCAMRON and get a free trial and 25% off your first month!


Healthy client expectations are so important! We have made choices in the past that ended with us responding to texts at 10pm, emails at midnight, feeling pressure to respond quickly even when we’re at family events or on dates. The best thing for your business is to be clear with the hours you’re available. Choose work hours and advertise them on your email signature and contact page. Be clear about the hours you will respond to emails (eg. 9am-6pm Mon-Sat) and give your clients healthy expectations.

Here’s to more rest, healthier hustling, and even better weekends!