Athena and Camron

Emotional Forest Wedding – Santa Cruz, California


We have photographed this couples engagement, wedding, elopement, in their home, and their newborn baby. We’ve been there for the most significant moments of their lives, capturing the emotion and connection for them to treasure for the next 70 or 80 years. They have some of the most intmate, affectionate love we’ve ever seen (no wonder we keep shooting them!).

It was an unspeakable privilege to shoot their wedding day. We were able to capture hundreds of unrepeatable moments heavy with holiness. There are so many words we could try and write about the day, but they feel altogether inadequate.

Some of the most precious moments were spent alone with Amy + Kyle, like when they prayed together before the ceremony, Kyle with his eyes shut tight the entire time not wanting to see her until she walked towards him to become his wife. When he saw her, we swear the world slowed down. After the ceremony they literally ran straight to the woods. In the car, they were breathing so heavily and laughing and
crying and squealing ‘We’re married, we’re married!’ It was the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen (until our own wedding day, when ‘we’re married’ seems to be the only thing you want to scream!)

At the end of this post you’ll see some moments in the wheat fields under the pines. These were some of our most breathtaking moments as a photographer. It was the most tenderly and intimately we’ve ever seen a groom look at and hold his bride.

Kyle and Amy, you are an incredible picture of the ferociously tender love of Jesus for the world.

Ceremony: Mount Hermon | Flowers: Michelle Lywood | Wedding Dress: Stella York, and lace sleeves custom made by Kyle’s aunt.

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