Athena and Camron

Intimate + Fun Couple Shoot – Sydney, Australia


If I didn’t already believe in meeting people for a reason, meeting Paisley & CJ in Sydney would’ve definitely won me over. We met up in the summer of 2015 and I fell in love with their beautiful relationship and CRAZY fun personalities. Now they’ve been together for 8 years, and I’ve shot them a dozen times, but nothing has compared to these sweet moments the day we first met roaming around Sydney together.

I loved the challenge of shooting around an area that has become so ‘overdone’ and ‘tacky’ in my mind – when really, the Opera House is famous for a reason. It’s unbelievably stunning. I don’t know what our lives would be like if I hadn’t met up with them in Sydney (we’d certainly be a few gorgeous shoots short!). Paisley wrote those words about me later that night:

“I am so thankful for having met Athena – she has one of the most kindest souls I have ever met and a serious eye for creativity and beauty. Shooting with her was in a way therapeutic and by far the most unique, intimate, and overall amazing shoot I’ve ever been on. If ANY couple is EVER looking to capture genuine moments together, I can’t express enough this is your girl. Thank you Athena! Cj and I walked away feeling even more in love with each other and with life. And that’s the best thing you could’ve given us!”

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