Athena and Camron

Intimate Mountaintop Sunset Elopement – Mazama Ridge, Mount Rainier


This elopement felt so similar to our own,so that it holds an extra special place in our hearts! We eloped under the haze from a forest fire last August, and the way the sun set like a ball of fire and the light was so perfectly diffused – this elopement felt just like the conditions on our own day!

Cory + Brian and five of their guests hiked to this isolated meadow (full of bear grass – who would have thought these little plants could be so beautiful). It was called Mazama Ridge Trail and isn’t too hard to get to – about a 45 minute walk from the parking lot just past Paradise.

The best part (besides all of it) was after Cory finished her vows there was the distant echo of an avalanche on Mount Rainier – I don’t know how often that happens but the timing was unbelievable!

This is what Cory said: “right when I finished reading my personal vows, in the first breath of stillness, we heard a thunder from the mountain – the sound of glaciers calving – and then peace. That was my favorite, most validating moment of the day. Thunderous, earth-shaking omens from Mount Rainier.”

These epic, grand moments are amazing and we love shooting tiny people in incredible landscapes, but basically the whole day was capturing their joy + silliness + connection. Cory has the BEST most beautiful laugh you’ll ever see! Scroll to the end to see our favorite few from the whole entire evening (dusk is ultimate!).

Dress: Marrakesh Melody by Rue De Seine

Florals: Fortunate Orchard

Hair + Makeup: Kat Green

Celebrant: Autumn Pappas – Happy Heart Ceremonies

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