Athena and Camron

New York Bridal Fashion Week – first time together in NYC!


“Stand here in stillness, and stare at the enigmatic beauty of the city of dreams.” ✨

Being sent to New York for Bridal Fashion week with White Magazine was a dream come true! I had only been working there for a few weeks when it came time to go and cover a ton of events for the magazine.  For our first few nights we partnered with @thebenjaminhotel and it literally feels like our second honeymoon. Right in the middle of mid-town Manhattan, we fell in love with The Benjamin (you can see photos and read about our stay here).

Everything from One Fine Day Bridal Market to the incredible BHLDN 2018 Collection launch, I loved every single moment. We celebrated TWO MONTHS of marriage while we were in New York, and although we didn’t have a lot of time together with my crazy schedule, we stole a few moments in Brooklyn on our last day.

One truth I wanted to share about the wedding fashion industry – being at NYBFW was like diving headfirst into a huge pool full of rose petals. It smells good, looks good, and overwhelms you so much with beauty that you forget what the heck you were doing in the first place diving into a pool of roses.

At Bridal Fashion Week I was surrounded by indescribable beauty – from the event spaces, the impeccable styling, the endless free champagne, the jewels and bridal gowns (I even met the woman who designed my own wedding dress!).

But at the end of the day, in all the beautiful chaos, with the buyers and the press and the media and the constant networking, do we remember that all of this is for the bride? For the one woman who puts on that dress and feels more beautiful than ever? For the groom who sees his bride dressed in white, dressed up all for HIM.

I honestly don’t know for sure if the actual reason this industry exists is even remembered, but I do know how beautiful it is when I meet someone that walks in humility and remembers why they do what they do, and the people they do it for!



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