Athena and Camron

Rainy Spring Yosemite Engagement Shoot

“Our shoot with Athena and Camron was a joyful adventure from start to finish! Even in unpredicted rain, they were not phased and continued to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera while creating space for us to focus on our love for each other. We felt like we were alone on a different planet as we danced in the rain. The best part was that it hardly felt like a photoshoot; it felt like we were just exploring the park with good friends (even though we had met them only minutes before!). We left the shoot feeling elated, in love, and with eyes set towards the beautiful horizon of marriage. And we were stunned and literally moved to tears with how beautiful the photos are, they are perfect encapsulations of moments we will never forget.”
Unhurried and slow, as it should be. Our lives are so short and these moments matter with meaning we’ll never find words for. Dancing under the pouring rain is something we write about but rarely, If ever, do. Being still long enough to blend into the landscape is something poets scratch at personifying and musicians seek to compose. But actually doing it? That’s something else.
Sammie + Micah embraced the rain more than any couple we’ve ever seen. We got soaked. And yet instead of causing hurry, we invited stillness.
We started across the road from Yosemite Chapel in a field that has the most beautiful, open view of upper Yosemite falls. They frolicked hard and we kept saying they were like little kids because their childlike joy was contagious. By the time we got to Half Dome Field it was pouring thick, fat rain drops and they stuck their tongue out to taste fresh Spring Yosemite rain (… so did we).
As we drove past the turn off to Bridal Veil falls we couldn’t help but pull over. Despite going to Yosemite multiple times, Camron and I have never actually walked up there and seen it up close. We didn’t even really take any photos, we just stood under the powerful fury of a waterfall too beautiful for photos. We did, however, take this photo of Micah shaking off the rain and Sammie drying his glasses…
And finally we stood at tunnel view, looking at the waterfall we just minutes before had been standing right under (not even for photos, just to be in awe and wonder over its magnificence). The wrap around fog is so iconic of a rainy, moody Spring in Yosemite and never ceases to take our breath away.
We love when a shoot holds everything we value and seek to practice. This shoot is reminder that when the world says hurry (and nothing says hurry to the car like an outpouring of crazy rain), God says be still. When busyness is a badge of honor, true health and joy are found in slowing down and practicing gratitude for quietness, stillness and proverbially (or literally) getting caught in the rain.
Thank you Sammie + Micah for offering your emotion and love. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a few weeks!

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