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Sweet Emotion, Rustic Decor + Donuts – Wedding at the Red Barn Farm


Haley & Grayson were married at a rustic, modern barn and we had the privilege of kicking off the wedding season with an emotional, heartfelt first look and ceremony, and a super fun reception (with a wall of donuts – yes please!!)

Their reception was at the Red Barn Farm in Redmond (just outside of Seattle, Washington). The decor was so sweet – eucalyptus was everywhere, with tables under strung lights and rustic corrugated iron. Also, just to prove their awesomeness, they had the same wedding cake as us! The Salted Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cake from Deru Market. It is hands down the best cake we’ve ever had (we’re bias – your wedding cake always tastes better than regular cake).

Shooting in the morning sunlight, which was almost directly overhead, was tricky. If any photographer is really honest they’ll say harsh sunlight can be a difficult thing. Just as this beautiful couple were about to have their first look the sun came out from behind Seattle clouds and blazed down upon us. A few years ago we would have found that to be less than ideal. Now? Now we’re growing to love using sunlight. It’s a slow growth… we won’t say direct sunlight is our favorite. But using it to create bright, fresh, golden images is such a joy. And these turned out even better than if it were overcast!

Dress by Melissa Sweet • Decor by Laurie Unger  • Florals by Christy Drankin

** Scroll to the end to see a peak at their waterfall engagement photos!

In fall of last year I met up with H + G when they were newly engaged and we headed out to Snoqualmie Falls, a super special place for them. I wanted to share a few images we took during their shoot, because they’re too gorgeous not to share!

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