Athena and Camron

Intimate + Fun Rustic Wedding – Inn At Avonlea, Oregon


We’re at a loss for words for this wedding! Hannah + Max are one of the most beautiful examples of a couple who place more value in their marriage than even on their wedding, and married with a clear vision for how they wanted their marriage to be (not just what colors they wanted their decor or even how pretty they wanted their wedding photos to be!).

Hannah + Max married at the Inn at Avonlea in Oregon and it was a HUGE privilege to capture the super emotional and sweet moments for them.

I (Athena) was so moved by the ceremony, I found myself choking up (and fogging up my camera) during the message, the vows and the prayers. It reminded me of the promises Camron and I made to each other at our elopement. It’s so true that the wedding day is seriously just the beginning of something so much better and more beautiful, and that the longer you’re married the greater the depth of love is.

Hannah + Max, your hearts are amazing and your marriage is going to be a beautiful picture of the love of God, just like your wedding was!

This is what Hannah had to say about marriage:

Marriage, one of God’s greatest gifts. A picture of grace and sacrifice. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be completely known and loved… On June 2nd, 2018 I married my best friend. I am still in awe and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know the depths of who he is. Throughout our relationship we’ve experienced great joy and hardship. Marriage hasn’t eliminated struggle by any means, however it has brought us to another level of closeness, and ultimately closer to the God who redeems and makes all things new. In just two months marriage is already deepening our understanding of God’s character, how he seeks to transform us from the inside out. A love so vast and perfect that it is entirely incomprehensible. How amazing that we get to be a tangible reflection of that love for each other here on earth. Maxwell – I love you, forever. You are my person and the biggest blessing. 


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