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Intimate In Home Anniversary Shoot – Anje + Alex, Seattle


When we first met Anje + Alex it was for a snowy winter wonderland shoot at Gold Creek Pond. We fell in love with their personalities, the way they’re so silly and fun, the way Alex only has eyes for Anje. When we first photographed them they were walking through a lot, and were so happy to to give them photos to remember that season by, even though it was hard.

Fast forward a few months, when we found out Anje was expecting a baby we offered to shoot them in their home to mark this new sweet season of their lives! It was also their THREE year anniversary the week we took these photos – what a beautiful thing to celebrate!

Half way through our shoot Alex sat down at the piano and legitimately cranked out a perfect Bon Iver song, no joke! Add to that mega inappropriate joking in the kitchen and those quiet moments at the end with Sleeping At Last playing in the background, this shoot was so memorable.

Now good friends of ours, it’s SUCH a joy to be sharing these moments we took in their home.

To see behind the scenes of our shoot and how we culled (selected) these images, watch our youtube video here!

See BEHIND THE SCENES video and how we CULLED and organized Anje + Alex’s photos!

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