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The sweetest love story – Jen + Andrew at Lake Wenatchee, Washington


Jen and Andrew have one of the most beautiful love stories we’ve ever heard. They dated for three years when they were younger and almost got married, but there was this deep feeling that they needed to grow, that it wasn’t time yet. With a ton of heart ache, they spent the next three years stepping into the dreams and passions of their life. When we met Jen, Andrew was just part of her past. But perhaps the whole time there was this longing that one day the time would be right and that the ‘not yet’ to marriage would finally be a yes.

If you’d told me a few years ago this is where I would be I would have never believed it. And yet here we are and now I can’t imagine how life could look any different. Today I am so grateful for God’s overwhelming grace and goodness in the midst of redemption. He has shaped and grown us each individually over the last three years to lead us to this place. There is so much joy in rediscovering who we are as this story unfolds. It’s a wild one but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When people say one day you’ll look back and understand, it’s true and painful in the process but worth surrendering to. I’m so incredibly thankful for and proud of this man who is yielded to the heart of God. This guy makes all things in life the very best.

We can’t find words to say how much we love them and their story. It is so right that they’re dating again, such a testament to patience and prayer and the God who loves both in heart ache, brokenness restoration and healing.

We went with them to a tiny town in the Washington Mountains called Leavenworth, and stopped at Lake Wenatchee on the way to have the honor of taking the first photos of them together in three years!

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