Athena and Camron

Romantic Adventure Elopement – La Push Anniversary Shoot


We”ve known Ash + Joel for a long time, and for their fifth anniversary they wanted to get back in their wedding clothes and go somewhere special. Shooting this anniversary elopement was stunningly different than shooting a wedding, because their vows were rooted in years of intimacy and vulnerability together. They have walked through the fire of life and still choose each other:

“When we made vows to each other and got married and were so excited for our future together, June 18 2011, you didn’t really know me. Now you know me. Now you know who I am and you are still choosing me, still loving me.I vow to choose your good and bad, to be patient as time and experiences change us, to let you be you and celebrate who you are more. To love you for you. I couldn’t make these vows to you when we got married because I didn’t know what we would need. But now I know, and I want to honor that.” Ashley

“I’ve had 5 years to look into your heart, and here’s what I’ve found. The light of day couldn’t be brighter in you. Your joy, enthusiasm, love and faith are prominent. You think you know someone when you marry them, but I can confidently say that I hardly knew you then. You’ve truly become my other half, as life without you is unimaginable.” Joel

Flowers by Grace and Blooms!

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