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Romantic Beach Wedding – Anniversary Elopement at Catherine Hill Bay, Australia


Wedding days are good, but marriage is better. The first day is an incredible celebration, but the last day is more important.

So that’s why we love shooting Anniversary Elopements, because there’s an honesty, vulnerability and intimacy that comes through years of marriage (walking through everything life throws at you). This means one, five, ten years on, the depth of relationship is so much more powerful than on the first day.

We weren’t able to shoot Cass + Will’s wedding, but taking them for a one year Anniversary Elopement was an even greater privilege. This whole shoot reminded us of just how good marriage was made to be, and that the affection of the groom for his bride only grows deeper as he knows her more intimately. Here are some words from Cass:

‘A year later into marriage and we cannot believe what an incredible first year it has been. When we got married everyone told us the first year would be hard, but with Jesus as the centre and foundation of all that we do, we have enjoyed every moment and found our first year to be the absolute best adventure.

Marriage isn’t about us, it’s about Jesus. It’s about our decisions, our words, our actions are a reflection of the love of Jesus as we do life together. It’s about honoring one another daily and choosing to build each other up. Not to change, shape or form our spouse into someone they are not, but to encourage them in the gifts and character God has created in them. 

Our first year of marriage has been a revelation and testimony to Gods unfailing love. We have grown together, seen each other work through significant life changes personally and been there to encourage and support one another.  

On our wedding day we didn’t have personalized vows, but went with the basic promises we knew we could keep. The most important vow on that day was to ensure that regardless of what was happening, Jesus was the very first priority in all we did throughout our marriage. A year later, our anniversary elopement was made that much more special because we could renew our vows with personalized promises that represented our life, with a deeper more personal understanding of each other. We still have so much to learn about each other, but when your spouse is your best friend it’s an exciting journey that lays ahead.”

Cass + Will had their first baby boy Thomas in January 2018 and he’s SO CUTE!

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